We are a well established local writing group, active in Liverpool since 2012. Our membership is pretty large but flexible and casual with people dropping in and out when they have time to come along – we all have busy lives.

We meet every other Wednesday in the evening for two hours to share work and ideas and offer each other support.



Contact Neil for details of upcoming meetings and the location.┬áIt’s free to attend and new members are always welcome to see if it’s for them or not.

We are a casual group that prides itself on being the friendliest and least pretentious writing group around. If you’re looking for rigorous critical appraisal of your work, then we’re probably not the group for you. If you want suggestions on how to improve your work, obviously we support each other with that, but we ask that you specifically request that before reading. We have members at all different stages in their interest in writing and our primary focus is in not putting people off but encouraging them to try new things and develop.